Recently, a client asked me to make two identical queen-sized quilts. Some quilters like repetitive piecing and quilting patterns. They can master the techniques and improve on their time or quality with every repetition. I really respect these people – they are the true perfectionists. I am not one of those quilters… I like an adventure, a challenge, trying something new. So I asked if they had to be perfectly identical – thankfully the client said NO.

Modern Irish Chain – Quilt 2

I kept the piecing and fabrics the same for expediency. I must agree with Angela Walters that piecing is ok – quilting is the fun part! The quilting is where I changed it up and gave each quilt its own personality. The first, which I later find out was a gift for mom, was quilted with a rosette in the center of each block – I was fortunate in my quilting choice there. The second, was done with curves that give a secondary pattern. I presume this quilt is for the client himself. This provided me the ability to have a little fun, while doing the same thing.

Modern Irish Chain – Quilt 1

Can you see the differences in the photos? I know one has extra pillows, but I mean the quilting patterns? Would you like a close-up to see them better? The pattern on the first quilt is clearly centered in each block. However, the pattern on the second quilt isn’t limited to the block. It flows across the quilt without being an “edge-to-edge” design. This demonstrates how you can give two “identical” quilts different personalities.

Modern Irish Chain – Quilt 1 close-up
Modern Irish Chain – Quilt 2 close-up of back

I hope this provides some ideas for you on how to change the “personality” of the your quilts. Can you share some of your ideas?

If you are interested in the Modern Irish Chain quilt pattern, it is available on my Etsy Shop (

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