Bargello A – Copyright 2020, Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts.

For Christmas, I made a Bargello M Quilt for my niece who goes to Minnesota. That inspired me to design other alphabet bargello quilts. I decided to start at the very beginning – its a very good place to start (Yes – I was raised on The Sound of Music).

A quilts are great for Alabama, Arkansas, or Alaska. They are also good for Annie, Angie, Abigail, Alyssa, Ava, Amanda… It is also good for Andrew, Arthur, Aaron, Aiden, Alex… Let’s not forget last names that begin with the letter A.

“A” quilts could be a good gift to someone you know with a special occasion. Or simply a gift for yourself.

The pattern is simple and can be accomplished in a weekend. Check it out on my Etsy store (

Happy quilting