Month: March 2022

Noble Leaves – Working Backward

It is a week into Spring, and I am posting new patterns for Fall. You are probably thinking I am in the wrong hemisphere! Believe it or not, I am right on schedule for quilt time.  I probably should explain, which means working backward. Yup, quilt shops, designers, fabric manufacturers, fabric designers, and even quilters […]

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Sew Much Fun – Free Featherweight

This week, I am participating in the “Sew Much Fun – Quilting Block of the Month“. The Sew Much Fun Tour has fifty-two 6-inch blocks by some wonderful designers. The blocks are free for the entirety of the tour (8/1/21 – 7/31/22). My contribution to this tour is a fusible applique featherweight! You can find […]

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Panda Paws

Did you know that April 16, 2022 is the 50th anniversary of giant pandas at the Washington Smithsonian Zoo? If you haven’t visited the zoo to see the pandas, it is a must see on your next trip to Washington, D.C. We are fortunate to live so close to the zoo. We can pop in […]

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An Irish Blessing for Quilters

May your spools and bobbins be full, May your stash be colorful and plenty, May your scissors and needles be sharp, May your seams be even and true, And may your quilts be filled with the love in your hearts.   Laureen Smith

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Mass Migration

Each fall we see hundreds of birds, particularly geese, fly south for the winter. In our neighborhood, we see many geese, some of whom are already back this spring and getting ready to nest. I always mark when I see the first robin of spring. My neighbor counts on the hummingbirds which should arrive within […]

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Solidarity Sunflower for World Central Kitchen

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, I designed the Solidarity Sunflower as a way to pull myself from the news. Now, it has become a way to give back. I made the pattern available for free so that we could help flood the world with a show of support for the valiant Ukrainian people. […]

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Dresden Blades

One question will always be asked during a class “Where do I get that tool?” That tool is usually a ruler or other notion which I have found makes my patterns easier. Up until recently, I would give a link to a local quilt shop, on-line quilt shop, or Amazon as I did not carry […]

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Fabric speaks to me, sometimes. When I receive swatches from fabric manufacturers, the fabrics often tell me what type of design to create. There are those occasions when they shout – DO NOT TOUCH ME. I have learned to listen to that too. When they tell me the type of design they like, I work […]

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Garden Steps

Every so often, you find a project that has you step outside your comfort zone. When you take that step, you grow as an artist and a person. Garden Steps has been one of those projects for me from beginning to end. At the start, Northcott had just signed an agreement with Frond Design Studios […]

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Monday Morning

Like most of you, Monday morning is the start of a new work week for me. Granted my work week and weekends tend to blend together as I work from home and my hobby is also my profession. During the week, I am designing, writing instructions, and testing pieces. On the weekend, I work on […]

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