Month: September 2020

Star Filling

Last week, I shared how to make diamond and turn them into stars.  Now, we are going to fill those stars so that we have a beautiful square block for a quilt. If you look at the star, I mean the fabric one, not the one in the sky, you will notice two different shapes […]

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Childhood Cancer Awareness

Most people don’t think about childhood cancer until it strikes someone you know. A few years ago, my neighbor’s daughter started her first day of kindergarten. The next day, she spiked a fever and was hospitalized shortly thereafter. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). This little girl was blessed with a huge caring […]

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Design Wall Stability

For quite a while, I have relied on my flannel design wall during my quilt construction. It helps keep the pieces in order and enables me to see progress. Unfortunately, the only way for me to hang it was with tacks in the wall, over a doorway. It was the only open wall space I […]

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Sante Fe Summer

Every month EQ8 has a block spotlight, where we are challenged to use a new block. I love this because it generally pushes me out of my comfort zone and adds variety to my designs. This month, the challenge was to use the Native American Motif. For those of you not as well versed in […]

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Making Stars

Yesterday, I shared how to cut perfect diamonds. What do you do make with those perfect diamonds? Stars! Eight-pointed stars often scare new quilters and even some seasoned ones. So what scares them, one of three things: Cutting the diamonds, which we addressed in yesterday’s blog; Dealing with the bulk at the center of the […]

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Cutting Diamonds

Many of us possess quilt rulers that we use to cut strips, squares, and rectangles. Most of these have a 45-degree line on it. If you are like me, you put that line on the seam of your half square triangles (HST) to make sure the halves stay even when you trim the HST. Or […]

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Fall Favorites

Fall brings some of my favorite things – cool nights, colorful foliage, the smell and taste of hot apple pie, and the sound of geese flying south. I tried to capture some of these in Fall Favorites. The 56-inch square quilt features the Apple Pie block and the Dancing Maple Leaves block. The border is […]

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Queen of the Prairie

Dear Stella is releasing a new fabric collection called “Poppy Prairie” in October. The collection has sweet images of farms, chickens, tractors and, of course, poppies! Queen of the Prairie is designed for this fabric line to work with the fun, farmhouse theme. The large blocks are called Prairie Queen, while the small blocks are […]

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Never FOrget – Progress

Never Forget has been a labor of love. The design was inspired a year ago. Next, I need to figure out how to assemble it in the easiest way possible. That took some noodling and some research. The methods finally gelled and I started putting it together a month ago… Then, I had a request […]

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Never Forget Published

Tomorrow is the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Most of remember exactly where we were when we learned of the event. Many of us were glued to our television sets or radios as it unfolded. I had just landed in St. Louis where I was working for the day…. I was one of the […]

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