Month: June 2020

Palmetto Pines

Dresden plate designs had always fascinated me. But as usual, I couldn’t quite stick to the norm. Rather than a scrappy or bicolor design, I decided to stretch and use a color gradient. Of course, this meant I had to keep track of fabrics a bit more closely and keep my right and left sorted […]

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Dresden Assembled!

My Dresden plate (nine 9 3/4-inch blades) was finally assembled in an 8 x 8 block quilt! The 10-inch blocks were sewn together in the pattern I had designed. I had several to chose from. Then, 6-inch borders were added to finish it off. It didn’t take long – less than a day. Of course, […]

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Hugs and Kisses

Babies bring smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts. We want to give them hugs and kisses. So why not give them Hugs and Kisses – a quilt made with my new quilt pattern! The 57-inch square quilt has two blocks: Snowball and Stripes. Instruction include strip and chain piecing to make it […]

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