Month: December 2019

Golden Gopher Girl

What do you give a college co-ed for Christmas? A quilt made from her favorite colors combined with her school colors! My amazing niece Jae is a diver at University of Minnesota. So I used her favorite color pink, her school colors maroon and gold, and a very cool jelly roll that combined these three […]

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Sisterly Love

My sister has always been my biggest cheerleader and my quilting adventure is no exception. She provides artistic review of all my quilt designs. She phones me to chat while I am quilting, which keeps me going. She is wonderful. So to reward such a wonderful person, I decided to make a very special quilt […]

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Regifting the Holiday Dash

When I started this blog and my business, one of my objectives was to work through my stash to complete a plethora of projects that were sitting in my sewing room. What I did not take into account was that my mother would start sending me her stash! One afternoon, I received an unexpected package, […]

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No Place Like Gnome

Most quilters are a crafty bunch. They dabble in all sorts of fabrications. They quilt, sew, crochet, bake, knit (two needles confuse me), scrapbook, etc. We are always looking for something to make – not that any of us have a lack of projects already stacked up to finish at home. I am absolutely one […]

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Wrapped in Wonderful Memories

Most of us have a T-shirt collection. They were gathered as mementoes from events in our lives, places we visit or causes we support. Some of them are lucky enough to be worn. But most find their way into a lonely, dark closet, box or drawer, never to be worn again. Why not reawaken those […]

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Hard Works Pays off!

For those of you who have read some of my earlier posts, you know that I have been taking classes to earn my APQS Longarm Quilting Certification. It was an intensive, informative, challenging and rewarding 14 week program. The lessons started with the basics of tension in quilting (thread tension, not my tension) and worked […]

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Your Opinion Needed

Which quilt would you want to make or have made for you? Yesterday, I was in a design mood and was inspired by some Scandinavian redwork that I had seen . So I played around with a few blocks and layouts… Ok seven may be more than a few. When I asked my husband, which […]

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Seeing Double?

Recently, a client asked me to make two identical queen-sized quilts. Some quilters like repetitive piecing and quilting patterns. They can master the techniques and improve on their time or quality with every repetition. I really respect these people – they are the true perfectionists. I am not one of those quilters… I like an […]

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Thread Dilemma

Have you ever started quilting and noticed these ugly dark shadows under you light fabric. They are usually threads that naturally fray after cutting and sewing, but when they find their way under your nice light colored fabric, they can mar all of your hard work on a quilt. So how do you deal with […]

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