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Tips for any level of quilter from beginner to expert

Wild Irish Rose

This month, before COVID-19 became the only thing we all think about, I started making my Wild Irish Rose quilt. This quilt incorporates the Rosebud block by Aunt Martha series: The Quilt Fair Comes to You, ca. 1933 and a modification of the Irish Chain Quilt, Kansas City Star, December 13, 1944. There are 13 […]

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2, 4, 6, 8 – Half Square Triangles (HST)

Have you ever had a pattern that requires multiple half square triangles (HST) with the same two fabrics? When I first started quilting, I would actually use templates and cut each triangle and sew them together with limited success. Why did I have limited success? Any time you cut fabric on the bias, not parallel […]

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Happy First Anniversary!

A year ago, I had my business plan drafted and was signing paperwork to make my dream of owning a quilt business a reality. Today, I have a shop on Etsy that has my patterns for sale and the shop is doing well. I have about a dozen patterns in the progress, which will be […]

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Quilt Shops and COVID-19

For those of you looking for materials to complete your projects or start a new one, there is no need to venture outside. I receive emails and blogs from dozens of quilt shops – large and small. Needless to say, I like supporting local shop owners. Each one is unique and has something fun to […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

An Irish Blessing I am working on this project this week. So far so good! There are two blocks – Rosebud (Aunt Martha series: The Quilt Fair Comes to You, ca. 1933) and modification of Irish Chain Quilt, Kansas City Star, Dec 13, 1944. I thought those two blocks not only worked well together but […]

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Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend – Sometimes

Working on a diamond background for a wall hanging, I discovered a few tricks that make these diamonds a bit easier to cut and piece so the points match beautifully. First, I sewed either two or four strips together in the order needed. When sewing them together, I offset each strip by about an inch […]

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Quilters, Quarantine and Covid-19

Fellow quilters, this is an uncertain time. With the corona virus spreading rapidly around the globe, people are emptying grocery shelves, schools are closing, travel is slowing, and people are shutting themselves up in their homes. I would suspect that most quilters stockpiles groceries like they grow their stash. So many of you are well […]

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Over the Rainbow – Final day

Today was quite rewarding! I sewed the nine squares together and added the border according to the instructions. I was pretty happy with the results. Now, I just need to start quilting it! I learned so much on this quilt. First – I really like fusible applique. The method is so quick and provides beautiful […]

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Over the Rainbow – Day 5

Today, the Leaves Galore ruler was used to cut smaller melons or petals. Again, eight of each color. These were fused together on a Goddess Sheet. Then, I matched the flower color to the ring color. The flowers were fused to the background on top of the lemon leaves. These flowers were stitched in place. […]

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Over the Rainbow – Day 4

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – or put lemon leaves on your quilt. Today, I learned that the Leaves Galore can be used to make more than melons. It can be used to make lemon leaves. I cut 36 leaves and then chopped about an inch off one end of the leaves. This […]

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