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Tips for any level of quilter from beginner to expert

Time Saving Tools

Most quilters have an element of quilting they don’t enjoy as much as others. For me, it is binding a quilt. It is a necessary evil in my mind. I have tried various methods to minimize the torture of this last step. That being said, if it has to be done by hand (like for […]

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Red Star Runner

I have always been drawn to Scandanavian Redwork. I have used it in cross stitch for beautiful Christmas ornaments. It appears in sweaters and blankets. So why not in quilts? Star blocks can be a challenge – Y-seams and angle piecing. So how can this block be more appealing? Remove or minimize those challenges. My […]

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Time for Pinwheels

Each month EQ8 challenges designers to use a particular block in a quilt. These are then posted for others to see. This month’s challenge was the Pinwheel Block based on a 5 patch. Since the pinwheel block had corner stone patches, I thought the hourglass block would be a nice complement to it and provide […]

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What’s in the Box

In an attempt at organization several years ago, I started putting my projects in boxes with the instructions and backing if I had already purchased it. Eventually, I ran out of boxes because my love of projects outpaced my ability to complete them. I now have a closet fully of fabric wishes. So another year’s […]

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Not Cutting Corners

Now that the holidays are over, I have time to play and improve my skills. Since I liked the the Cutting Corners pattern, I decided to do it again – this time in teal and violet. It went together very quickly, so I could spend more time on my longarm. One of the things I […]

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What’s in a Name?

Does your quilt guild or other organization have name tags? Are they boring plastic, paper or write-on stickers? Or have you created your own wearable work of art to serve as a name tag? Our guild encourages people to make their own name tags. So for the past few months, I have had it on […]

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My Favorite Things

My sister is such a thoughtful person. For my birthday, she sent me a box of quilting goodies. She is not a quilter, but looked online for a list of quilters favorite tools. She chose quite well! Here are four of my favority things from that box of goodies. That Purple Thang Peels Spool Huggers […]

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Windmills and Pinwheels

And this is how some unfinished objects – UFOs – get their start…..Early last summer, I started a National Quilting Circle Quilt Block Challenge called Windmills and Pinwheels. I was making great progress until September, when I was in the midst of my certification class. Then, I had a few commission quilts to complete for […]

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Cutting Corners

The last of my Christmas present projects was Cutting Corners by Jordan Fabrics. My youngest sons girlfriend Elyssa loves the color green. What better than a quilt with a range of greens? This simple pattern from Jordan Fabrics was just the thing. The kit contained precut squares that only required one cut. The pieces were […]

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Blue Tranquility

Continuing on the trend of gift quilts, Sydney (Jae’s twin sister) was my next adventure. Although they are identical twins and are both very talented divers, they are very unique. So I needed to create something just as unique for my lovely Sydney. It started with a gorgeous fabric that I couldn’t resist. Tessellations by […]

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