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Christmas Quilt Square – Published!

This morning, I had a wonderful surprise in my email – one of my patterns was published in the EQ Newsletter – August 2019 Mid-month Update. Each month, Electric Quilt publishes Behind the Mouse, the Electric Quilt Blog. In that Blog, there is a Design and Discover section, where they spotlight a type of block […]

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Pressing vs Ironing?

Have you every followed a quilt instruction that says to press your seams open for a half square triangle? If you were anything like me, you would pull out your steam iron, put it on the open seam, and run it up and down the length of the seam to make sure it was nice […]

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Should I Wash Fabrics Before Quilting?

There is a great debate amongst quilters – should I or shouldn’t I wash my fabrics before quilting? My answer is that it depends. I have a series of questions that may help you decide for yourself if the fabrics for your project should be washed before cutting, piecing and quilting. Question 1 – Is […]

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Quilting Road Trip

This past weekend, I took a very long road trip to transport my niece to dive camp, pick up my son from college, deliver Lego’s to my grandkids, and visit my mother. This took me through Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and New York. I traveled over 2200 miles in 4 days. Needless to […]

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How to Survive and Thrive at a Quilt Show?

With all of the projects I have on my plate, why would I attend a quilt show? I could spend that time and money toward finishing some of those projects… Quilt shows can provide inspiration, education and deals if you know where to find them. Well, this weekend, I attended a wonderful quilt show is […]

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What Are Precuts?

Have you ever read a pattern or visited a website and they mention precuts? Have you ever wondered what precuts are? Precuts are usually sets of fabric pieces assembled by the manufacturer, although shops may package their own as well. Precuts aren’t really kits for a specific project. They are coordinating fabrics either by fabric […]

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Difference in Quilt Fabric Quality

  My mom always told me that you could tell the quality of a fabric by the feel.  She used to walk through the fabric stores running her fingers across the bolts. When she came to one that felt good, she would decide if she liked how it looked. Most people look first and maybe […]

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Meet Tourmaline & Thyme, My Quilting Buddies

Every quilter needs a companion to keep them company. These companions are most useful when they watch you work, but don’t get in the way. I love my little black cat Edmund, but he likes to play with my threads and lay on my piecing, which is definitely not helpful. My dogs, Skylar (Siberian Husky) […]

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Just Step away from the Sewing Machine

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems or seams to be going right? Today is one of those days. It was supposed to be a simple day – piece a backing and load the quilt onto my longarm. Piecing should have taken me about 10 minutes to sew to pieces of fabric together…. […]

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Mystery Quilt!

How daring and patient are you? Do you need to peak at the last page on a mystery novel to find out who did it? Or do you plug your ears when people are talking about a new movie because you don’t want a spoiler? I won’t say that I am terribly patient or daring, […]

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